“Can I convert my old GoldHog mini into the new style?” 

We are going to get this question a lot so here is the answer…. sorry, no.
There is no way to simply swap out the header box.

Two reasons.
#1 The only thing that has NOT changed is the leg system.
The sluice tray has changed, the matting config is new, the need for a reverse ramp riffle is now present, the header and plumbing system has changed. So we’d have to send out everything BUT the legs. So, there is no way to send out “part” of the new unit and make it work with the older version.

#2 With this new production process we have to run a LOT of units at one time to make it cost efficient.  So we can’t make “parts” or just sections of the unit. The ENTIRE unit is run all at once.  We can’t sell “part” of a unit and have 1/2 units sitting around.